SVG Charts

SVG Chart Demo is currently OFFLINE Until it is back up you can check out the development code

SVG is now supported in Modern browsers. That means on Firefox 2.x and 3.x, Camino 1.x, Safari 3.x and Opera 9.x. Not Microsoft IE. SVG is a great addition to the web but it is an open standard and of little interest to Microsoft. SVG is viewable in IE with the Adobe SVG Viewer. Unfortunately, the closed source competing standard to SVG is Flash. Macromedia, the creators of flash, have been bought by by Adobe. Expect Adobe and Microsoft to continue to drag their heels to prevent wider acceptance of SVG in favor of proprietary offerings by these two monopoly players.

Browser specific issues on how to include SVG include the object or embed discussion and consideration of InlineSVG


Depending on whether you are using the Adobe SVG Viewer/IE combination or a real browser with real svg support, you might have different capabilities visa-vis interaction. has a pretty good introduction on how to interact between javascript and your browser.

Canvas Charts

Simile has a new project for displaying charts using Canvas. You can see their implementation called Timeplot. Among their interesting plots you can find a plot of housing vs. the stock market.

This makes extensive use of javascript, which you can get from Simile for free but requires the use

Browser problems: Again, Microsoft IE is the real problem. there are efforts underway to get Google canvas support through VML. I just wish people would quit using IE. Then Microsoft might care about programming to standards rather than forcing the world ... I'll save that rant for later.

Matplotlib Charts

Matplotlib is a python base math plotting package inspired by Matlab. It even has a finance module which can download yahoo prices like the ovpqy module in barcharts

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